Saturday, November 29, 2008

November Update

Hi Everyone!

Not too many days left in November - where did the time go? I remember thinking there were six months til Christmas and I had plenty of time now there are.. ::::::gulp::::: 26 days!

Tomorrow is my baby's birthday - well my oldest baby. She will be 14 and old enough to get her learner's permit to drive - YIKES! Back in his earlier days, Dwyane had a Driver's Ed School so I will leave all the teaching up to him. He is planning on taking her in the next couple of weeks to test for it. She has had the little book for a couple of months and Dwyane has practice tests here he will have her work on but I am so NOT ready. Thankfully we have agreed that it will be a LONG LONG time before she gets her actual license and for now she can practice with an adult. She has been driving on the dirt road out by my mom's place and that is enough for me to chew all my fingernails off.

It is 9:41 in the morning here and everyone is still asleep! I hopped back in bed until the house warms up since I forgot to turn on the heat last night - a little chilly at 63 degrees.

Today we are planning on getting a Christmas tree cut down, cut up some wood, have lunch with grandma, a little bit of work for me, and a ham to cook for supper.

Our Thanksgiving went really well. Dwyane always gets excited to have everyone here that he wants me to start planning Nov 1 - and really - the food never changes from year to year and the same people bring the same dishes. Bryce and Bern - my brother and sister in law have a new puppy and they brought along 3 pound Lucy and their cocker spaniel Gracie. Avery didn't have much to do with Lucy but she sure was interested in him if only she could have reached him. Gracie had enough of Avery's nose up her butt that at one point she turned around and started barking at him. It was about time Avery was put in his place. This was the first year without grandpa there so he was missed. Isaiah ate like a pig all day long - I have no clue where he puts all that food. Everytime I turned around he was getting something to eat. We finished off the evening by watching Fred Clause and eating leftovers for supper.

The house has finally warmed up so I think I will start making some noise to see if the rest of my crew will start waking up since it is almost 10am!

Have a Great Saturday everyone!

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Marlene said...

You can't get a permit here until 15 1/2. Thank God!lol!