Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where did the summer go

Oh where did the summer go? It feels like it just flew past.

The older kids went to camp. They went to Swan Lake Christian Camp and had a fabulous time. Allison re-committed her life to Christ and was crying with Beth (one of her youth leaders) that she wanted me there with her. Needless to say I got the full scoop when she got back. After Dad left for work Allison talked and talked and talked - it was like someone gave her coffee to drink - found out later she had a Moutain Dew earlier which is a pop I never buy for those very reasons LOL

Kristofer had fun too but had some issues with his cabin mates. Two of them were kids he does NOT get a long with and have a tendancy to pick on him.

The kids head back to school on the 18th and right now time is filled with appointment after appointment. I am back to work but I feel like I am spending mroe time running more around the city than I am actually at work.

I am trying to get my back problem fixed or at least better - it will never get 100% better but would love it to get to a point where I can stay on my feet for longer than 15 minutes not to mention carry my laundry up the stairs. I have a displaced L5 vertebrae and the DR gave a long term for it but that is what it is. My neck is backward as well as off to the right so that is all my headaches. I have been to two other Dr's and neither one of them figured out what was going on. Needless to say I am in the Spinal Rehab program which is 3 times a week for the next several months. On top of those lovely appointments I know have to go in tomorrow because my first ever Mammogram came back with calcifications in my left breast so now I have to do further testing tomorrow. It is never a good thing when your Family DR calls you the day before your tests are due back.

Between my Chiro appointments, my boob appointment, one Ortho Appointment for Isaiah, a physical for Allison, training for a leadership role at school for Allison, class on Tuesday and Thursday night for me, open house for Isaiah, Open houses for the other two, work, and back to school shopping. Life is BUSY. And that all happens this week and next.

Where did the Summer Go??

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Marlene said...

Praying for you, girlfriend.

And I too am lamenting the loss of the summer...