Monday, June 23, 2008

Where Oh Where

Where Oh Where has my little house gone...

Oh Where Oh Where can it be?

With the Laundry Piled high

and the dishes constantly dirty

and the kids always bickering

Oh yeah - this is my house!

Ok so I can't Rhyme too well..

Ok the week in fast review

1) Left Wed Morning to head to dad and Jean's to drop off dog
2) ate yummy lunch of spaghetti Jean made
3)feel real guilty for dropping off my very timid dog
4)Arrive in Caledonia to do a quick change to head to funeral home
5) how I long to just hug grandpa one more time but so thankful for the oppportunity to do just that when he was in the hospital
6)my wonderful husband took the kids back to the hotel to swim which left me at the funeral
7)my SIL headed backt to the hotel to take her kids swimming
8)me and my brother alone with NO kids.. and NO ride... think we can hitch one though
9) A ride awaits us from my cousin Jeff and his pretty girl Kristin - it was great to get to know her - wonderful girl
10) back to the hotel to hang out at the pool and chat with family - wonderful
11)half the party went to DQ for ice cream - YUM!!
12) Zzzzzzzzzz............

1)I am awake - it is 4am... D is awake.... warns me not to stumble on the suitcases but doesn't move them for me.
2) get up to pee and trip over suitcases that D warned me about - totally blind without my glasses :::::sigh::::::
3)awake at 5:45 - give up and hop in shower
4)sing to children and hubby at 6:25 to get ready to Isaiah with his endless pit of a stomach can raid the breakfast area
5) annoy the heck out of my family with my chipper attitude in the early am
6)Isaiah has 3 Belgian waffles, a bowl of cereal, 2 cups of juice, a carton of milk, 1 donut, and 3 cups of hot chocolate for breakfast - Anyone want to contribute to his food fund??
7) get kids ready to funeral
8) head to church and funeral - my uncle is one of the priests residing over grandpa's funeral - he also did grandma's and aunt Rita's
9) explain to the 9 year old everything going on in the funeral - he has LOTS of questions and no the little thing you kneel on is NOT a foot rest Isaiah and your grandma Gladys did NOT die - that is Grandpa's sister Gladys and she is very much alive and yes they are all drinking from the same wine cup and no they won't get drunk
10) head to the cementary to say prayers and visit Aunt Rita's grave and listen to Uncle Bob go down memory lane - what a wonderful couple they were - so full of love for each other
11) back to the church to eat and then to hotel to say goodbyes
12) pick the scenic way back to dad and Jean's - right along the Mississippi river - wait the youngest and oldest are SNORING so miss the sights
13) Arrive at Dad and Jeans just in time for supper - my OLD sister (hahaha) who is ALREADY 38 is there as well as Grandpa - Jean's dad. Lovely supper with them while the children are on the deck. Colleen heads home - one day we will have a long visit :)
14) Snuffy heads out the door and goes under a vehicle
15) Snuffy is gone - look for snuffy - hear two cats squabbling - hear one gun shot.. then another.. round the corner of the house next door to see snuffy in a little lump in front of the garage :-(
16) Jean Buries Snuffy in the flower bed :-(
17) Two too many to bury in one day.....

More to come........


Colleen said...

I would like to point out that you are now OLD as well.

Reformed Grits said...

Oh my gosh! Someone SHOT a cat? Were you in Alabama or something? LOL
We only run over them with cars and lawnmowers here...