Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still here

I everyone.

I am still here. A bit sad but still here. My grandfather who is 97 years young is in the hospital. I fear this is the end for him and I am going to miss him - he was a terrific grandfather who still has his sense of humor. His oxygen level won't stabilize, he hasn't eaten anything all day, and no urine output. He has had a bladder infection for a month at least I think. His last stay in the hospital was over Memorial day and it lasted about a week but he went to a nursing home to rehabilitate due to the pain in his back from 4 old factured vertebrae. Anyhow that is where my life stands right now.

We will be heading to his apartment this weekend to move some stuff out.

Kristofer is complaining of neck pain but ya know, he complains ALL the time about this hurting or that hurting that it is hard to figure out how serious to take it.

Work is going well for Dwyane. The benefits are awesome so needless to say we have all been to the Eye Dr. Allison is sporting contact lenses now and looks awfully cute but she is having a slow process to adjusting to them.

I even made an appointment to have a physical done - OH JOY!! I scheduled it for September since I will be off work here soon for the summer and didn't want to add all the copays and costs with a physical on to the Eye Dr visit. The strange thing is that I took my planner out to put my appointment in there and realize that my planner is missing the month of August and September. Wierd. I have October thru December but not those two months.

Isaiah has a soccer tournament Saturday - that should be fine. They have blowups and everything for the kids to enjoy too.

We are TIRED of the rain - anyone want some?

Well I better get off here - the kids want me to hook up the printer finally to their computer and I am going to hook it up via the router so D and I can get it it too.

Until Later - I will write more in a few days.

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