Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few of my favorite Things

A night off with my husband who has the day off of work

A clean kitchen floor that is freshly mopped - after a dog and 3 kids my floor gets REAllY Gross and dh mopped it

BBQ chicken that DH makes on the grill - am I spoiled or what :)

Sitting in grandma's chair enjoying putting my feet up on the ottoman that sat in grandma and grandpa's house for years

Having my husband sit across from me in grandpa's chair and just talk

Vanilla Almond Tea in the fantastic little Teapot for one that my stepmommy Jean gave me :)

Ok now I gotta pee - one of my least favorite things but I have been really good getting me daily intake of water in - unfortunately that means extra trips up the stairs to the ladies room :) Oh and supper is DONE :)

Y'all have a GREAT night!!

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