Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pass the Toothpicks

Please pass the toothpicks my direction so I can use them to keep my eyelids open today. I woke up bright and early and after laying there for what seemed like an hour and not hearing the alarm go off I finally turned over to look at the alarm clock. 3:30am. :::::::::::sigh:::::::: so after laying there for another half hour I finally get up at 4am. And what does one do at 4am? Why they do laundry of course. So I rebooted the laundry and read my BSF notes. Next on the agenda is reading the scripture that corresponds with the story I am teaching today and I am praying that God will plant the story in my oh so tired brain.

My baby is 12 today! Well my middle baby but he is still my baby. He will be one excited kid today. We just need to have this moving done with. Kristofer has started up about 3-4 new ticks in just the last week.. poor guy. Not to mention I really would like some sleep :) On the bright side, God has kept me healthy - I have a slight sore throat and a stuffy nose but I haven't had to leave work to collapse in bed yet.

Isaiah wanted us to sleep at the new house last night but I told him we couldn't - he just couldn't understand why mom and dad couldn't just sleep on the floor if they didn't have a bed over there! Yeah like that would make us feel wonderful when we got up. Back in my elementary, middle school, and high school days it didn't bother me but now that I am ::::cough cough::::: a tad over ::::::cough cough::::::: 20 yeah these old bones can't take it.

We found a beautiful heavy glass platter at the new house. Just absolutely gorgeous. I carefully washed it up and put it in the pantry for use on Kristofer's birthday. The owner of that platter called - they would like it back. Oh well. At least it is nice and clean for them :) I sure would have missed it if I left it somewhere.

My brain is pretty fried and I am not thinking of much else to say so I will say.. until next time....

Have a good day!

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