Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Here I'm Here

Figured I better get back on here and write since my sister dropped a comment :) Hi Colleen!

Besides, I have nothing to do but lay flat on my back and do something. I have had the priviledge of going to the Chiropracter lately cuz well.. Dwyane made the appointment and said I was going and that was final. So there I was.... to find out what I knew.. my back was messed up again... ::::::sigh:::::::::::. Two inflamed hips, lower back, and whatever else is going on. Today's treatment consisted of adjustments, a half hour massage (with a dude even!), and that elctro therapy stuff with ice. I left with strict instructions to drink my water today (which I did) and to ice whenever possible. I walked into the house after work with a thump thump going on in my back (not a good thump either) and hubby took one look at me and said Ice huh?

Well I am back from my class (going through 32 weeks of training on Growing People God's Way) and on the way home felt the thump thump in my back again so here I am.. my favorite spot....

Ok where to start?

Dwyane is searching for a job... if you want specifics let me know... but let's just say it has been a struggle this past week. Our church has totally rallied around us and showered us with love and prayers. That lifted Dwyane's spirits greatly.

Dwyane takes his state Boards on Friday - he has been studying for at least a month now. Hopefully he will do well :)

Dwyane is having surgery Tuesday morning at 7:30 (see a Dwyane theme on the blog tonight?) He has a hernia and after the Dr felt it, he scheduled Dwyane with the surgeon the next day so on Tuesday he was told it is coming out next Tuesday. He had his first physical in forever and came out with a clean bill of health for the most part except the hernia and he needs a iron pill.

We are looking for a new place to move too.. ::::::::::::double sigh:::::::::. We aren't going to buy this one since it has way too many problems and so two days after Dwyane submitted a 45 day notice was the day he was jobless.

But admist all this we are grateful to God for the many blessings. I broke my tooth while we still had dental insurance and Dwyane's hernia will come out while he still has health insurance. I can walk and move around, yeah it ia bit painful but I can do it just fine. Spring is coming and the birds are back :) I have yet to adjust to the new time change but I got up at 5am before and now it is like 4am adjusted.. it just isn't fair LOL

We have dinner at some dear friend's on Saturday so that should be nice. Another Chiro appt on Monday.. no massage this time. Those suckers hurt when your muscles are all messed up - plus a dude massaging my hips when it isn't my darlin husband feels a tad strange.

Ok the dog just gave me the go to bed sigh so I think that is my clue.. plus I iced my back longer than the allotted 20 minutes so now I am sure that is numb.

Thanks for checking back here to read what is going on with us in Sunny South Dakota :)

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