Saturday, February 16, 2008

Anyone Still Out there

Hi Everyone,

We are still around :) There are many posts I form in my head but I never actually take the time to sit down and type them out. Please stop in and leave a comment and say HI :) Would love to hear from you!! I will try and post more often.

Right now I am waiting for some bread to rise. Both Isaiah and Allison have sleepovers. The boys are all awake and the two 13 year olds are still sound asleep - Goldilocks and Coffee are their nicknames in their Special Edition choir at school. Guess which one belongs to me? Sure wouldn't be Goldilocks.

My daughter has discovered the love of coffee so I went out and got another coffee pot so I wouldn't have to share my tea one with the coffee lovers in the house. All is peaceful again. She gets Caffeine on the weekends and if she wants a cup during the week it is nothing but decaf for her.

Hubby just sent a message that he needs the computer so I am off til later.

I will try and post another post tonight or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Reformed Grits said...

Hey! I have you on my bloglines so I know when you update your blog. Wish you did it more!!!

Dorian & Monte said...

Well it's about time, lady!! I've got to get this 'bloglines' thing figured out, I'm off to grill Kim. I just keep checking to see if you've updated. Much to my surprise today, you did!!! Great to see you around.

Colleen said...

About time. Mom asks me every weekend "have you noticed if Angie has updated her blog?" Not sure why she never looked herself. But of course it's almost a month before I noticed that you did.