Saturday, November 29, 2008

November Update

Hi Everyone!

Not too many days left in November - where did the time go? I remember thinking there were six months til Christmas and I had plenty of time now there are.. ::::::gulp::::: 26 days!

Tomorrow is my baby's birthday - well my oldest baby. She will be 14 and old enough to get her learner's permit to drive - YIKES! Back in his earlier days, Dwyane had a Driver's Ed School so I will leave all the teaching up to him. He is planning on taking her in the next couple of weeks to test for it. She has had the little book for a couple of months and Dwyane has practice tests here he will have her work on but I am so NOT ready. Thankfully we have agreed that it will be a LONG LONG time before she gets her actual license and for now she can practice with an adult. She has been driving on the dirt road out by my mom's place and that is enough for me to chew all my fingernails off.

It is 9:41 in the morning here and everyone is still asleep! I hopped back in bed until the house warms up since I forgot to turn on the heat last night - a little chilly at 63 degrees.

Today we are planning on getting a Christmas tree cut down, cut up some wood, have lunch with grandma, a little bit of work for me, and a ham to cook for supper.

Our Thanksgiving went really well. Dwyane always gets excited to have everyone here that he wants me to start planning Nov 1 - and really - the food never changes from year to year and the same people bring the same dishes. Bryce and Bern - my brother and sister in law have a new puppy and they brought along 3 pound Lucy and their cocker spaniel Gracie. Avery didn't have much to do with Lucy but she sure was interested in him if only she could have reached him. Gracie had enough of Avery's nose up her butt that at one point she turned around and started barking at him. It was about time Avery was put in his place. This was the first year without grandpa there so he was missed. Isaiah ate like a pig all day long - I have no clue where he puts all that food. Everytime I turned around he was getting something to eat. We finished off the evening by watching Fred Clause and eating leftovers for supper.

The house has finally warmed up so I think I will start making some noise to see if the rest of my crew will start waking up since it is almost 10am!

Have a Great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where did the summer go

Oh where did the summer go? It feels like it just flew past.

The older kids went to camp. They went to Swan Lake Christian Camp and had a fabulous time. Allison re-committed her life to Christ and was crying with Beth (one of her youth leaders) that she wanted me there with her. Needless to say I got the full scoop when she got back. After Dad left for work Allison talked and talked and talked - it was like someone gave her coffee to drink - found out later she had a Moutain Dew earlier which is a pop I never buy for those very reasons LOL

Kristofer had fun too but had some issues with his cabin mates. Two of them were kids he does NOT get a long with and have a tendancy to pick on him.

The kids head back to school on the 18th and right now time is filled with appointment after appointment. I am back to work but I feel like I am spending mroe time running more around the city than I am actually at work.

I am trying to get my back problem fixed or at least better - it will never get 100% better but would love it to get to a point where I can stay on my feet for longer than 15 minutes not to mention carry my laundry up the stairs. I have a displaced L5 vertebrae and the DR gave a long term for it but that is what it is. My neck is backward as well as off to the right so that is all my headaches. I have been to two other Dr's and neither one of them figured out what was going on. Needless to say I am in the Spinal Rehab program which is 3 times a week for the next several months. On top of those lovely appointments I know have to go in tomorrow because my first ever Mammogram came back with calcifications in my left breast so now I have to do further testing tomorrow. It is never a good thing when your Family DR calls you the day before your tests are due back.

Between my Chiro appointments, my boob appointment, one Ortho Appointment for Isaiah, a physical for Allison, training for a leadership role at school for Allison, class on Tuesday and Thursday night for me, open house for Isaiah, Open houses for the other two, work, and back to school shopping. Life is BUSY. And that all happens this week and next.

Where did the Summer Go??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few of my favorite Things

A night off with my husband who has the day off of work

A clean kitchen floor that is freshly mopped - after a dog and 3 kids my floor gets REAllY Gross and dh mopped it

BBQ chicken that DH makes on the grill - am I spoiled or what :)

Sitting in grandma's chair enjoying putting my feet up on the ottoman that sat in grandma and grandpa's house for years

Having my husband sit across from me in grandpa's chair and just talk

Vanilla Almond Tea in the fantastic little Teapot for one that my stepmommy Jean gave me :)

Ok now I gotta pee - one of my least favorite things but I have been really good getting me daily intake of water in - unfortunately that means extra trips up the stairs to the ladies room :) Oh and supper is DONE :)

Y'all have a GREAT night!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Where Oh Where

Where Oh Where has my little house gone...

Oh Where Oh Where can it be?

With the Laundry Piled high

and the dishes constantly dirty

and the kids always bickering

Oh yeah - this is my house!

Ok so I can't Rhyme too well..

Ok the week in fast review

1) Left Wed Morning to head to dad and Jean's to drop off dog
2) ate yummy lunch of spaghetti Jean made
3)feel real guilty for dropping off my very timid dog
4)Arrive in Caledonia to do a quick change to head to funeral home
5) how I long to just hug grandpa one more time but so thankful for the oppportunity to do just that when he was in the hospital
6)my wonderful husband took the kids back to the hotel to swim which left me at the funeral
7)my SIL headed backt to the hotel to take her kids swimming
8)me and my brother alone with NO kids.. and NO ride... think we can hitch one though
9) A ride awaits us from my cousin Jeff and his pretty girl Kristin - it was great to get to know her - wonderful girl
10) back to the hotel to hang out at the pool and chat with family - wonderful
11)half the party went to DQ for ice cream - YUM!!
12) Zzzzzzzzzz............

1)I am awake - it is 4am... D is awake.... warns me not to stumble on the suitcases but doesn't move them for me.
2) get up to pee and trip over suitcases that D warned me about - totally blind without my glasses :::::sigh::::::
3)awake at 5:45 - give up and hop in shower
4)sing to children and hubby at 6:25 to get ready to Isaiah with his endless pit of a stomach can raid the breakfast area
5) annoy the heck out of my family with my chipper attitude in the early am
6)Isaiah has 3 Belgian waffles, a bowl of cereal, 2 cups of juice, a carton of milk, 1 donut, and 3 cups of hot chocolate for breakfast - Anyone want to contribute to his food fund??
7) get kids ready to funeral
8) head to church and funeral - my uncle is one of the priests residing over grandpa's funeral - he also did grandma's and aunt Rita's
9) explain to the 9 year old everything going on in the funeral - he has LOTS of questions and no the little thing you kneel on is NOT a foot rest Isaiah and your grandma Gladys did NOT die - that is Grandpa's sister Gladys and she is very much alive and yes they are all drinking from the same wine cup and no they won't get drunk
10) head to the cementary to say prayers and visit Aunt Rita's grave and listen to Uncle Bob go down memory lane - what a wonderful couple they were - so full of love for each other
11) back to the church to eat and then to hotel to say goodbyes
12) pick the scenic way back to dad and Jean's - right along the Mississippi river - wait the youngest and oldest are SNORING so miss the sights
13) Arrive at Dad and Jeans just in time for supper - my OLD sister (hahaha) who is ALREADY 38 is there as well as Grandpa - Jean's dad. Lovely supper with them while the children are on the deck. Colleen heads home - one day we will have a long visit :)
14) Snuffy heads out the door and goes under a vehicle
15) Snuffy is gone - look for snuffy - hear two cats squabbling - hear one gun shot.. then another.. round the corner of the house next door to see snuffy in a little lump in front of the garage :-(
16) Jean Buries Snuffy in the flower bed :-(
17) Two too many to bury in one day.....

More to come........

Friday, June 13, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa are together again

With a heavy heart I write here to say my grandfather is gone. Mom called me shortly this morning to say he was gone :-( He has missed grandma so much since she left us about 10 years ago that I know he is glad to see her again.

Sounds like the funeral will be next Thursday - we will have to travel 5-6 hours to get there. Oh how I wish the price of gas was just over $1 like the olden days. Dwyane will be a pallbearer - they wanted the grandchildren but decided Dwyane would be a great substitute for me since my back is pretty messed up.

I haven't told the kids yet. Allison has a party this afternoon and her first ride in a LIMO that I don't want to ruin it for her so I will wait til she comes home. In the meantime I left work and came home and brought all kinds of work home with me to do.

Until next time......

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still here

I everyone.

I am still here. A bit sad but still here. My grandfather who is 97 years young is in the hospital. I fear this is the end for him and I am going to miss him - he was a terrific grandfather who still has his sense of humor. His oxygen level won't stabilize, he hasn't eaten anything all day, and no urine output. He has had a bladder infection for a month at least I think. His last stay in the hospital was over Memorial day and it lasted about a week but he went to a nursing home to rehabilitate due to the pain in his back from 4 old factured vertebrae. Anyhow that is where my life stands right now.

We will be heading to his apartment this weekend to move some stuff out.

Kristofer is complaining of neck pain but ya know, he complains ALL the time about this hurting or that hurting that it is hard to figure out how serious to take it.

Work is going well for Dwyane. The benefits are awesome so needless to say we have all been to the Eye Dr. Allison is sporting contact lenses now and looks awfully cute but she is having a slow process to adjusting to them.

I even made an appointment to have a physical done - OH JOY!! I scheduled it for September since I will be off work here soon for the summer and didn't want to add all the copays and costs with a physical on to the Eye Dr visit. The strange thing is that I took my planner out to put my appointment in there and realize that my planner is missing the month of August and September. Wierd. I have October thru December but not those two months.

Isaiah has a soccer tournament Saturday - that should be fine. They have blowups and everything for the kids to enjoy too.

We are TIRED of the rain - anyone want some?

Well I better get off here - the kids want me to hook up the printer finally to their computer and I am going to hook it up via the router so D and I can get it it too.

Until Later - I will write more in a few days.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One More Thing

Please pray for grandpa (my dear stepmom's daddy) as he broke his femur bone. He had surgery and is now recovering. Poor guy :-( It is so hard to fall when you get older. It is hard to fall at my age! Please pray that he would recover quickly and well and that he would be patient in the process as it will not be so easy for him to see grandma when he has a broken bone.

Thank you!

Jean - do come visit once grandpa is all better - no rush :) We will make a point to schedule a time to come visit you too sometime after D is gainfully employed again :) He has a second interview at one place today at 4pm.

Pass the Toothpicks

Please pass the toothpicks my direction so I can use them to keep my eyelids open today. I woke up bright and early and after laying there for what seemed like an hour and not hearing the alarm go off I finally turned over to look at the alarm clock. 3:30am. :::::::::::sigh:::::::: so after laying there for another half hour I finally get up at 4am. And what does one do at 4am? Why they do laundry of course. So I rebooted the laundry and read my BSF notes. Next on the agenda is reading the scripture that corresponds with the story I am teaching today and I am praying that God will plant the story in my oh so tired brain.

My baby is 12 today! Well my middle baby but he is still my baby. He will be one excited kid today. We just need to have this moving done with. Kristofer has started up about 3-4 new ticks in just the last week.. poor guy. Not to mention I really would like some sleep :) On the bright side, God has kept me healthy - I have a slight sore throat and a stuffy nose but I haven't had to leave work to collapse in bed yet.

Isaiah wanted us to sleep at the new house last night but I told him we couldn't - he just couldn't understand why mom and dad couldn't just sleep on the floor if they didn't have a bed over there! Yeah like that would make us feel wonderful when we got up. Back in my elementary, middle school, and high school days it didn't bother me but now that I am ::::cough cough::::: a tad over ::::::cough cough::::::: 20 yeah these old bones can't take it.

We found a beautiful heavy glass platter at the new house. Just absolutely gorgeous. I carefully washed it up and put it in the pantry for use on Kristofer's birthday. The owner of that platter called - they would like it back. Oh well. At least it is nice and clean for them :) I sure would have missed it if I left it somewhere.

My brain is pretty fried and I am not thinking of much else to say so I will say.. until next time....

Have a good day!

Friday, March 28, 2008

We are moving.....

Oh what a joyous couple of weeks it has been (insert sarcasm). But truly, it has been amazing of the love that has been shown us by our church family.

The Friday after Dwyane's surgery I wound up having to take him back into the DR because he was in so much pain. They took out his outer stitches and prescribed him an anti-inflammatory. He still can't do much - they cut some muscle where his hernia surgery was so that is why he is taking so long to recover. Those of you who have had C-Sections probably don't feel too bad for him! He is mending though.

He has had a couple of good interviews and goes back for a final interview with one of the places on Wednesday so hopefully something will pan out - they have great family health insurance so that is a huge bonus since it seems like my young vibrant bod is starting to fall apart. Haha

Oh yes, the title of the post. We are moving. We found a house that is perfect for our family and is available to buy but on our time table - say in a year or two but we are hoping before then. It has 4 bedrooms, living room, family room, 2 bathrooms (the kids bathroom has a claw foot tub) and a wood burning fireplace. Avery is enjoying the two sliding glass doors and is back to the time we were at my parents house in Minnesota so he is back to barking. My sweet quiet dog was just a barking last night and upon further investigation he really wanted to go play with the bunny in the back yard.

We are cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning tonight and this weekend so if anyone wants to come and help :::::::::hint hint::::::::: you are more than free too :) Unfortunately we need to fork out the dough and hire some movers to move the furniture as Dwyane won't be in any shape for several weeks yet to do anything and my back is already a mess so it is movers we do.

Other than that life is so busy right now. Allison is involved in the Best of Show Choir Competition at one of the high schools next weekend and this weekend is practice all day on Saturday for her. Oh yeah.. the moving date.... Wednesday on Kristofer's birthday (I can't believe my baby will be 12!!) The kids will be gone that night to the Firehouse Underground Coffee House for Youth Group so we are celebrating on Tuesday. No party yet though until we are settled into the new house and then he is planning on seeing how many pre teen boys he can pack into the family room.

BTW - Jean - you tell Bear that unfortunately the new house has stairs - lots of stairs, however since it is a multi level the stairs aren't steep and there are three levels so he gets a break in between all of them.

Life is pretty good although quite stressing at the moment. I will be thrilled when Dwyane is back at work and getting a regular paycheck again and all the bills are caught up again.

One more thing... we may be without Internet, phone, and cable (the kids are not looking forward to this one but I think it will be good for them) for possibly a few weeks. We need to call and set up the transfer and they usually are a couple of weeks out. I will be able to check email while at work so it will be limited to once a day maybe depending on how much the phones are ringing off the hooks cuz you know.. those procrastinators need their Caps and Gowns for Graduation!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He's Home He's Home

My sweetheart is home after sugery and doing really well. We showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am. Before that however, our 80lb fur baby broke into Kristofer's room and jumped up on the bed to wake he and grandma up - naughty puppy.

Dwyane was nervous before surgery - I could tell. He came through with flying colors though :) Right now he is asleep again after his 4pm dose of vicadin.

I had such a nice surprise in the waiting room for me. I brought a big ole bag of bible study to keep me company and no sooner did I unzip it when I looked up to see one of the sweetest ladies bending over to give me a hug. A friend who has gotten me through a really rough time showed up to keep me company :) How sweet is that? There were some other friends from church also going through the same surgery as Dwyane so I am sure she blessed them too when they made it to the waiting room. On top of that sweet hug another lady showed up because yet another lady was having a knee replacement. So she kept us company and then when the dear knee replacement lady's husband woke up from a short snooze he joined us as well. Just like a church gathering in the waiting room - it was great.

It has been a quiet afternoon in between assisting Dwyane when needed and making sure he doesn't overdo it.

That is all on our front - all other things remain the same.

Blessings to all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Here I'm Here

Figured I better get back on here and write since my sister dropped a comment :) Hi Colleen!

Besides, I have nothing to do but lay flat on my back and do something. I have had the priviledge of going to the Chiropracter lately cuz well.. Dwyane made the appointment and said I was going and that was final. So there I was.... to find out what I knew.. my back was messed up again... ::::::sigh:::::::::::. Two inflamed hips, lower back, and whatever else is going on. Today's treatment consisted of adjustments, a half hour massage (with a dude even!), and that elctro therapy stuff with ice. I left with strict instructions to drink my water today (which I did) and to ice whenever possible. I walked into the house after work with a thump thump going on in my back (not a good thump either) and hubby took one look at me and said Ice huh?

Well I am back from my class (going through 32 weeks of training on Growing People God's Way) and on the way home felt the thump thump in my back again so here I am.. my favorite spot....

Ok where to start?

Dwyane is searching for a job... if you want specifics let me know... but let's just say it has been a struggle this past week. Our church has totally rallied around us and showered us with love and prayers. That lifted Dwyane's spirits greatly.

Dwyane takes his state Boards on Friday - he has been studying for at least a month now. Hopefully he will do well :)

Dwyane is having surgery Tuesday morning at 7:30 (see a Dwyane theme on the blog tonight?) He has a hernia and after the Dr felt it, he scheduled Dwyane with the surgeon the next day so on Tuesday he was told it is coming out next Tuesday. He had his first physical in forever and came out with a clean bill of health for the most part except the hernia and he needs a iron pill.

We are looking for a new place to move too.. ::::::::::::double sigh:::::::::. We aren't going to buy this one since it has way too many problems and so two days after Dwyane submitted a 45 day notice was the day he was jobless.

But admist all this we are grateful to God for the many blessings. I broke my tooth while we still had dental insurance and Dwyane's hernia will come out while he still has health insurance. I can walk and move around, yeah it ia bit painful but I can do it just fine. Spring is coming and the birds are back :) I have yet to adjust to the new time change but I got up at 5am before and now it is like 4am adjusted.. it just isn't fair LOL

We have dinner at some dear friend's on Saturday so that should be nice. Another Chiro appt on Monday.. no massage this time. Those suckers hurt when your muscles are all messed up - plus a dude massaging my hips when it isn't my darlin husband feels a tad strange.

Ok the dog just gave me the go to bed sigh so I think that is my clue.. plus I iced my back longer than the allotted 20 minutes so now I am sure that is numb.

Thanks for checking back here to read what is going on with us in Sunny South Dakota :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Anyone Still Out there

Hi Everyone,

We are still around :) There are many posts I form in my head but I never actually take the time to sit down and type them out. Please stop in and leave a comment and say HI :) Would love to hear from you!! I will try and post more often.

Right now I am waiting for some bread to rise. Both Isaiah and Allison have sleepovers. The boys are all awake and the two 13 year olds are still sound asleep - Goldilocks and Coffee are their nicknames in their Special Edition choir at school. Guess which one belongs to me? Sure wouldn't be Goldilocks.

My daughter has discovered the love of coffee so I went out and got another coffee pot so I wouldn't have to share my tea one with the coffee lovers in the house. All is peaceful again. She gets Caffeine on the weekends and if she wants a cup during the week it is nothing but decaf for her.

Hubby just sent a message that he needs the computer so I am off til later.

I will try and post another post tonight or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well!