Friday, September 07, 2007

My Middle Child

I don't know why God chose me to be his mom but I am sure glad HE did!!

As some of you know and many do not know, Kristofer has Tourette's Syndrome. We discovered it in Kindergarten - or rather I did - his Dr was just baffled when I suggested it. Needless to say we took him to a Pediatric Neurologist that had him diagnosed in 10 min and named more than 5 different tics he had at the time. He is known around our house as simply Kristofer and honestly, Isaiah had no clue that he had Tourette's Syndrome until Kristofer came home the other day.

You see, my baby came home in tears from middle school. It seems that several kids thought his tics were funny. It broke his little heart and he had a really rough night. It did, however, prove how incredibly close my children are. Upon hearing that her brother was teased, big sister Allison, said she would like to give those kids a piece of her mind. No one gets to tease her brother but her and their little brother, Isaiah. They don't even tease him about his tics either - that is just Kristofer.

Kristofer's self esteem plummeted that night he came home in tears and as his mother it hurt. I felt so sad for him and I really couldn't take the pain away and make it go away.. but yano.. God made Kristofer. Kristofer, I just know has great plans for his life. He is my precise kid - he doesn't do anything by the seat of his pants.. it has to be planned... if you tell him in a few minutes he needs to know how many minutes.. just because that is how his brain works. He also has ADHD but despite all that he is just a really bright kid with a huge heart. I think one of his latest tics is saying I love you all the time and I get to be home to hear about 100 times a night how my 11 year old boy loves me ;) I can pretty much guarantee that it won't be like that in 5 years though!

Thursday he called me at work to say he had been accepted into the Accelerated Math class. Would I let him he asked? I sure would as long as he was up to the challenge. He had been saying since middle school started that math was just too easy. The school had to wait for Kristofer's Dakota Step results to reach them before they could place him. What a boost to his self esteem! He called dad who didn't answer his phone to tell him. He tried twice then he called the main desk and had dad paged!

Last night as Kristofer was making a very exact diagram on something (he had to figure out what 8.5/6 was so he could place his line just so) he said to me... Mom I think I have your brains. LOL Mom thank you for the brains LOL How could you now love a kid that thinks his smartness comes from you no matter how incorrect he is? The funny thing is - teachers always said that if you are good in Science then you must be good in Math. Math was always my strong suit - Science was not but then I didn't particularly care for collecting insects and didn't put forth full effort for it. I mean.. ewwwwwwwwwww.. who wants to touch those??? Dwyane on the other hand, is going to school to be a RN... and enjoys anything science, anything history, and doesn't like math.

Allison also qualified for the accelerated classes but says NO she doesn't want to get into it - just way too much homework - and yano.. she has books to read (she is my bookworm) nails to paint, HGTv to watch with mom (yeah I really do watch the educational shows!), volleyball practice to get to, and naps to take. So I guess she is right up there with the average teenage girl :)

Isaiah is in 3rd grade and is still yet just feeling his way. He is going to give me even more grey hair. You know it is bad when I come home and the first thing out of his mouth is NO I didn't break anything today. Oye.... He is all boy - rough and tumble... He loves his new school and his new friends - always a story about them.

Oh this post was about Kristofer wasn't it? Anyway, Kristofer had a really bad day but God blessed his socks off with a really good day this week as well. He is so excited to go into accelerated math. He is already re-writing his schedule and re-doing his binder :) He even was talking about scholarships to college.. ok that is moving way too fast for me.. let's just stick with the 6th grade for right now!