Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happenings around the home

Hi all -

Happy last days of summer to you :) Tomorrow is Promotion Sunday at church.. I get to see my Sunday School Children again, Pastor Dan and Sarah are back from sabbatical, and there is a lunch so we can catch up with everyone we haven't seen over the summer.

So without further ado - here are random thoughts and happenings around the home:

1)Wow! We celebrated 12 years of marriage on Thursday. It started with D calling me at work telling me to come home cuz he woke up and I wasn't there and he couldn't go back to sleep... Ahhhhhh... I worked til noon and got off. Since our anniversary is on August 16 we pretty much have lost all celebration the last couple of years due to various school open houses that have fallen on our anniversary and since are our kids #1 Fans we just had to attend!

2) Because of #1 we have decided it is rather useless to celebrate in August - afterall - a small fortune goes on school clothes, shoes, hair, pictures and school supplies. So we have decided to celebrate our Half Year Anniversary - Feb 16.

3) D got a new job and I would tell ya but let's just say it isn't safe to publish that on the net so if you are interested in knowing the details then please email me :) Let's just say it is a good job with great benefits and he is quite happy that he gets to set his own schedule. However, there would be no way I could do his job.

4) We haven't gone on any trips this summer. I had most of the summer off and spent it at home since hubs was inbetween job. A trip is soon to be planned to visit my dad and his lovely bride in Minnesota soon. The kids love going there - country life where you hear coyotes at night - whats not to love? :) I am SO looking forward to it!!

5) My babies start school on Monday! Where has the time gone? I will now have a 7th grader, 6th grader, and 3rd grader. The kids are all starting new schools because we have moved to a new school district. Feelings of excitement and nervousness are in the air. I just pray they meet some Christian friends that will be true life long friends. I pray that they will be open and strong in their witness. That their acts will protray what is on the inside of them.

6) My babies also went to camp this year. At least the two older ones. Kristofer had such a lost puppy look on his face that I had a hard time leaving him and prayed for that lost look all week long. I prayed for both kids all week long. Allison and I met up at the end of camp overwhelmed with tears in our eyes saying we missed each other SO much and it was SO true. Kristofer ran full speed ahead as soon as he saw me.. dropped everything and ran. I had to tell him to slow down, afterall, my old body couldn't handle the full contact sport at my age! So he slowed down and I got the hugest hug. He was nicknamed Tofer at camp. He was even asked to the 'bonfire' by a girl but declined cuz he didn't want to get in trouble by us - afterall - he is too young to date. So we had to have the talk where we tell him it is just fine to sit next to a girl, to talk to a girl, it is not ok to disrespect a girl or do anything inappropriate. His big sister went on to tell him about all the girls that thought he was cute and adorable and sweet. What a confident builder for him.

7) #6 was completely important because he said to grandma one day... "Grandma will my Tourette's ever go away" to which grandma had to explain no.... Poor baby then said no one will ever want to marry him :-(

8) We have had some memorable times with Michael and Holly this summer and it has been so fun to see how close our families have gotten. I can't wait to see how God molds our relationships. D continues to act young and play ball with the 20 year younger Michael and now D is actually getting his wind back and winning some games. Me and Holly? We chat a lot - we have awesomely good conversation and take walks whenever it isn't rainy outside.

9) Rhonda in Texas has been my online buddy and kept my butt in gear decluttering the house - the decluttering is all done and now maintenance sets in and that is pretty good too. The kids were in a fit of giggles to hear her southern accent on the answering machine one day.

10) Sunday School starts tomorrow - we have a new set of three year olds except one little girl who we got early last year and will have again this year - Emma - I just can not give that sweet darlin' up. We are preparing for whatever God has in store for us tomorrow cuz we have the Two year old class and the Three year old class. The last time we had the two classes combined we had 18 children.. I told D that early chuch is what is called for because I certainly will be brain dead after trying to teach 18 two-year olds and three-year olds. Let's just say D is not looking forward to the combined class :-( but he is excited to see all the kids again. We have missed them this summer!

Well that is all that is happening in the Family of Five Household. If you happen to visit please leave a comment so I can say 'Hi'. I will put the Tea on and put some fresh cookies in the oven to keep warm for all welcome guests :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary A & D! Angie, I enjoy peeking at your site from time to time. I'm so proud of the woman you have become over these last couple of decades. :) Take care - Rhonda (MN)