Monday, June 11, 2007

How Long Does It Take

Being the parent of 3 children leaves me in stitches sometimes. I often shake my head at the things they say and chuckle underneath my breath while trying to mold them into societal acceptable creatures.

When Alli was about 5 years old she was meeting a new friend with dh. The friend's mom came out and you can bet what she shared was a little TMI for the lady. I don't think the lady cared to hear about how old dh was (well maybe) and his full name as well as the enlightening fact that he always farts in bed. Yep... open mouth and insert foot only it wasn't her own foot it was her dad's.

Kristofer decided to point out at church one day the aging capabilities of an eldery lady asking her..."How did you get so old?" I am sure he was just itching to know what her secret to life longgeivity is. Folks, I was never so glad that Francis was hard of hearing and said rather loudly, WHAT?!

We had some folks invite us to their home on Sunday for a picnic lunch. Upon retiring to their large deck to sit in the wonderful Cracker Barrell type rocking chair and admiring the gorgeous view they had of the hillside out in the country we were able to converse with a family who are missionaries in the Phillipines. Kristofer piped up with something REALLY important to which our hostess replied with "If you want something to stay secrect in your family you need to talk without little ears around". She caught on quick to the amazing hearing my children have and their desire to tell everyone they hear what they know.

Isaiah is not far behind his big sis and bro. We had extra company for breakfast this morning, my dear friend Holly and her brood. They needed a place to hang til swimming lessons started since her dh had the van. I whipped up some homemade waffles since I figured getting 3 kids and one baby out of the house by 7am is a feat in and of itself that Holly didn't need one more thing to worry about. I was more than happy to oblige with them coming over and thrilled that it gave me the opportunity to bless Holly with breakfast that she didn't have to cook or clean up!

Isaiah decided this is the perfect time. Right after he poured an amazing amount of syrup on his plate he decided to share a REALLY interesting fact folks.

"One time I FARTED for 12 seconds"

Yep - I am sure we all needed to know that information! Holly turned her head and started snickering while I just shook my head. I quickly regained my composure and gave them yet another lesson on appropriate table talk. But what would boys be if they couldn't talk about belches and farts? How would they grow into manhood?

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