Sunday, April 08, 2007

Recap of the Weekend

The weekend was crazy busy but so many blessings. We are settling nicely into the house and are loving it SO Much.

Ok first let me start. We have had so much company here since we moved than we ever did in the other house. I am absolutely loving it!

The weekend started with some dear friends letting us watch their Netflick 'Pursuite of Happiness'. What an AWESOME movie!! The kids all watched it with us while towards the end Isaiah fell asleep. We have had so much quality family time in the new house that it is just so cool. Granted the kids haven't quite fighting but we have gotten closer :)

Saturday morning I ran a few errands and spent the rest of the afternoon doing some cleaning drills with another dear friend Rhonda. We got so much stuff accomplished and my house looked amazingly clean and dh even commented on how shiny the bathroom was.

Saturday evening at 6pm our dear friends came over so Dwyane could help Mike with a app he needed to get done for school. So Mike, Holly, and the kids came over. We had such an awesome time. I was feeling sorry for myself when Holly left before and moved down south.... after I got done feeling sorry for myself I figured I would just pray for a new friend :) Several months after I began to pray one of the gals from church stopped me to tell me Holly was moving back!! And she had a new husband and amazingly the guys have so connected!! The kids have always gotten along wonderfully so that was even more of a bonus. Anyhow, the guys chit chatted and Holly and I like true busy moms wilted around 10pm! The guys talked til midnight which meant ALL 7 kids (ok so the 7 month old baby feel asleep before midnight but still) were all up and wired because of overtiredness. So after they left at midnight that meant eggs to fill up with jelly beans to hide around the house.

Sunday greeted me with singing Jesus is Alive, Jesus is Alive, Praise HIM Praise HIM Jesus is alive. One of the songs we sing with our Sunday School class. How appropriate and wonderful I would just wake up on this glorious day singing that song. 7:15am came way too fast after I went to bed so late. I headed off to nursery by myself so the kids and dh could have that extra hour. Sunday school after that were few in kids. All the kiddos of our dear friends came over to visit us and Holly and Mike popped over with sweet darling Liberty all done up in pink to pick up the other kids. We talked some more. I am SOOOOOO thrilled they moved back and now live in the same town as me and about a half mile away!!

Do you know how many chocolate chip cookies it takes for a couple of guys to get gas? Don't ask how many they ate but they sure can put away several pan fulls of cookies!!!

We came home from church and as I was getting ready to host Easter Dinner we were greeted with a phone call from some other sweet friends of ours. They were praying for a good family to send their dd's bunny too (she was heading off to college) and our children were praying for a bunny! What a fit! They are in our bible study and when we showed up and oohed and aahed over the sweet bunny they asked us if we wanted it? YES!!! We didn't know when we would get the bunny as their dd was heading off to college and I just figured whenever Christine was ready to give up Bugs we would get her. Imagine my surprise and delight when Scott called to ask if we wanted Bugs today!! Christine even gave the cagee a super duper scrub down. Bugs is one pampred bunny sporting her own carrying pouch, a ball to roll around the house in, harness, leash, toys, awesome cage etc. She really is a sweet bunny and the kids were thrilled!! At one point she got out of her cage (one of the kids didn't latch the door tight) and she was hopping through the house with the dog behind her just sniffing. Anyhow, the dog is very entranced with her and has been staring at her since. He is right now lying right in front of her cage. Darn bunny won't come out and play with him! LOL

By the time we got the bunny my sweet grandfather (97 years young this year), uncle, and mom and her boyfriend were there for dinner. Mom is a gem. She works 17 hours a day running her bakery and still pitched in to help but I put my foot down when it came to her washing a dish! No sooner than dinner was done, dessert was settling, and they left then some other dear friends showed up. Carlton was the first black person Dwyane encountered in South Dakota. We showed up at a church several years after that meeting and we have been friends with them since. They are truly just like family. Our chat with them lasted til 9pm. All company is gone now and laundry has been started and the dining room table cleaned off as well as the kitchen cleaned. Whew what a busy weekend but filled with precious time spent with family and friends. We truly are blessed to have such awesome quality people to be around.

I am so excited for this weekend as I am attending a retreat - it goes 6:30-9:00 Friday night and 9:00-12:00 on Saturday. I am spending it with my dear friend Holly and her precious babe Liberty and who knows how many other women. Alli will be off to one of her best friend's slumber parties and Dwyane and Mike are planning a get together with the kids for some more male bonding. Hopefully the bunny will still be in her cage after work tomorrow and Avery will find a new hobby rather than staring at the bunny!

I don't know if I should head to bed to rest my weary bones or touch on some of my bible study first. I think I will head to the bible study and then bed. Going to bed with God is always so much worth it.

Blessings all!