Sunday, February 04, 2007

Living Life

That is exactly what we have been doing... living life. The life that God has chosen for us.. we are wating patiently to see where the Good Lord takes us next.

I have been working on memorizing scripture and one that just popped out to me while we were in church was Colossians 3:23 Work at everything with all your heart as if working for the Lord, not for men. Wow - cleaning up toilets and floors after little boys takes a whole new meaning with that verse. I don't mind housework as long as it doesn't overwhelm me and it hasn't as of late thank you to lots of 'drilling' with my good friend Rhonda online. The boys bathroom gets wiped down daily if not twice a day and wow, what a difference that makes. Dwyane was really confused as to the reason I was whistling the other day while I was cleaning the house! Hard to be discouraged or grumpy when I am working on memorizing that verse. I will have to see what God places in my path next to memorize.

We have joined a small community at Faith and we are going through the Truth Project together (Focus on the Family). D has been feeling restless about things since he is the only black person at church (minus the child that was adopted 7 months ago), and was really wondering what his purpose is at the church - he knows God has one for him.. just hard to be patient sometimes to see what it is. D has been faithful about plugging away and God has blessed him. We have started being part of a fanstasic group of people and the men in the group are part of another group dh meets with on a regular basis. He is feeling much more connected once again and I am beyond thrilled because I absolutely love our church and the kids do as well plus they have grown SO much there.

The kids are all doing well. Today is Superbowl Sunday and Allison watched the whole thing with dad - amazing since she has never watched a game before... I think it was a ploy to get out of cleaning her room! The boys got along fabulously today and watched a movie downstairs while munching on their superbowl snacks. My baby has gained over 16 pounds since last year... where has the time gone? He still looks like a scrawny chicken but he is no longer easy to pick up ::::::::::::::::sigh::::::::::::::::::::: I am realizing that I will no longer have children I will be able to pick up.

Avery has been going stir crazy in this COLD weather. It has been down to a -32 for wind chill and the poor pup doesn't like his feet on that cold of ground. Trips outside have been few and far between and quick. I did try and take him for a walk the other day but he was so clearly not enjoying it that we came back home. Hopefully he can get out next week for one of his long extended walks. His doggie doo doo dance takes on a whole new show when it is so cold outside!

I have been reading a book that I would like to recommend for all those mom's out there who have a hard time taking the time to do something extra special for themselves. It is called: Taking Care of the 'Me' in Mommy by Lisa Whechel. Go to: and you will find her website and the wonderful book that she has out. I got the book from the library but I am sure I will be ordering it for a few friends who I feel could use a pick me up becasue they are such hard workin' moms who unfortunately have a tendency to put themselves last just like I do. Thus the reason I am memorizing scripture.

This week puts Isaiah as the VIP in his class as well as conferences for all three kids. Should be another busy week. Friday ends the work week with our Faith Community group that we are so looking forward to going to. Scott and Becky have a fireplace in the family room where it is held and I just want to get a blanket and call it a night when I get down there :) What a warm, welcoming place. We are truly blessed to be meeting with such a awesome group of people.

Have a BLESSED week Everyone.

A HUGE hello and hug to my sweet dear Mother In Law who hopefully will make it over here to read the blog. We all love you and miss you tons!!

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Tina said...

Angie, I subscribe the The Flylady (I am sure you have heard of her?) and she always say that ANY housework is a blessing to your family, even if it's not done perfectly!!! That has helped me alot. Sometimes we don't have the time to do everything perfect and tend to not do it at all then.. but I do what I can when I can and it really helps! :)