Sunday, January 14, 2007

We have SNOW!!

We have snow! We are supposed to get 3-6 inches tonight. Isaiah has already been outside three times. He LOVES the outside (just like his Uncle Bryce and his Grandpa Bob) and could spend the entire day playing in the snow.

While it is really pretty out... I have an UH OH to report. Dwyane looks over at me as Kristofer went to check the snow to see how much we got already and says.... We DON'T have a shovel! WHAT?!! Oyee............ You see.. the shovel broke at the end of the season last year and D threw it away and well.. we don't have one! We forgot about it. Good thing he has 4-Wheel drive and can drive me to work tomorrow. It sucks to have two separate driveways somedays... means we have double the area to shovel but if it gets too bad we will just call the nursing home across the street and the guys will come plow both driveways for us.

Not much going on around here other than snow. Been a quiet weekend.

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Kim said...

No one even SELLS snow shovels here! Big surprise! LOl