Monday, January 22, 2007

Peaceful Bliss

Do you hear that?

Come closer....

Do you hear it yet??

Ahhhh it is the sound of EVERYone gone in the house but me and Avery. The kids didn't understand why I was smiling when they left LOL Dwyane knew but the kids were clueless.

All my children took off with their father to go to Bible Study Fellowship. Isaiah grew up in BSF as a preschooler and he loved it so. The only sound is the hum of the dishwasher.

So what am I doing?

Calling my daddy for starters. His birthday is today. He lives about 4 hours away from me on 12 acres of land that most is wooded. It is so beaufitul where he lives and it is just so relaxing when we are there to sit outside and listen to the sounds that God created. Dwyane wasn't too impressed when he woke in the middle of the night to coyotes once. Needless to say he freaked a tad and woke me up asking me if I hear it... told him it was just the coyotes .. go back to bed. Like that made him want to sleep LOL

It is quite a sight to wake up to half a dozen wild turkeys in the backyard or a few deer. Mama racoons with babies have even been spotted in the backyard. What a beautiful piece of land they live on. I keep telling Dwyane I want to move there someday but I do believe South Dakota is home for him now so we won't be moving anytime soon.

It is time for me to finish up the blog and finish preparing my lesson for my three year olds for Bible Study Fellowship. I am on my own for the next month or so as my Co-Leader had some surgery and if you could say a prayer for her. She had the reflux surgery years ago but it popped open when she was sick and vomiting about a month ago. She had surgery again on Thursday and one of my fellow people in BSF went to check on her and she couldn't make it to the car so the ambulance was called :-( She can't keep anything down - not even water, she is nauseous and dizzy :-( So if y'all could say a prayer for Laurie I sure would appreciate it.

Oh - we finally got a shovel!! After the first snowfall dh took the lazy way out and packed the snow down with his Durango so I could get up and down the driveway... then it snowed some more so he finally got some shovels. Did he learn his lesson? You bet!! It was a pain in the tushie to shovel the packed down stuff on top of the snow that just fell! LOL Men... sometimes you just gotta laugh!

I also might have some rather large news for our family by the end of this week (and no.. nobody is expecting)... so stay tuned......

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