Saturday, January 06, 2007

Men and Bubble Baths?

Who says bubble baths aren't the cureall for everything? I remember back in the day I had a bubble bath, candlelight, pj's and slippers waiting for me when I got home from work as well as a Steak dinner in the kitchen... well that was before kids.

Flash forward to yesterday and I got a call from D at work saying he needed to hear a voice. Uh oh.. you see.. Dwyane is a Chemical Abuse Counseler and is running the Meth program that was just started so he has some challenges. His voice just didn't sound right to me and he said he had such a bad headache.

I got home and asked him to call me right as he left - I had the Lasagna in the oven and prepared him a bubble bath complete with candles, pj's, a litte snack (figured he was too busy to have lunch which was true) and something to drink (lemondade). He came home and walked into the bathroom and a huge sigh.... "This looks SO good" He soaked all his cares away and perked right up.

So Ladies - if your men have a bad day - treat them to a bubble bath :) Normally, Dwyane will NOT get in a bath at all as he prefers the 'manly' showers but he sure did appreciate it last night.

Now he is cooking us all omelets, sausage, potatoes, and grits for breakfast.


Dorian & Monte said...

Poor Dwyane. His job has got to be stressful. Good for you, getting his bath all!! What a great wife you are!!

carlamartyn4 said...

I don't get it...PJs IN the bathtub???? wink

Seriously...kudos to you for being such a loving and thoughtful wife!!