Friday, January 05, 2007

I can't believe it!!

My puppy turned two in December and last night at 9:30 he chose to start retrieving a ball and bringing it back looking for us to toss it again. I was not in the mood that late at night and we were in the house but I was so thrilled that he finally learned to do it that I obliged him. Today we will test him with the thrower outside.

It all started with Bear. Bear is a black lab/retriever mix and is just one of the most wonderful well mannered dog I have ever met. Bear belongs to my dad and his wife. Anyway, the kids love going to see Bear and throwing the ball for Bear. Bear treats that ball like a security blanket and lovingly picks it up again careful not to chew on it... my dog?.. well when we wanted to take a break in playing with him.. notice it was the adults that wanted the break.. he hopped up on the couch and all you could hear was him trying to rip the ball apart. Anyway, the kids really love playing with Bear and throwing the ball for him and Bear, bless his heart, despite his bad arthritis always plays with my children. I thought for sure when Jean and Bear came for a visit last that Avery would finally learn how to cath that ball. So we get the thrower and toss it out and there goes Bear running right to it and there goes Avery.. running right PAST it.

I am just so tickled that he will finally be able to get some good exercise without expecting us to come along beside him and run!

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