Tuesday, January 02, 2007

God is SO Cool!

I am so glad he is MY God!! My dear Friend Dawn came over tonight (she is the one whose father passed away), and I had the best time just sitting and talking with her. She has such an infectious laugh and I love listening to her laugh. We shared Tea together - one of weak points - I LOVE TEA - doesn't matter what kind - well some kinds I don't but I love HOT tea. Anyhow.. how can you not love a gal who commented that the tea was good :) She is a coffee drinker but she also drinks tea - wahoo!! I love sharing tea with friends :)

Anyhow, she shared with me that her husband and oldest daughter both came to Christ.. not only that but they came on the same day that her father who lives in Chicago came to Christ too. How awesome is that that she knows EXACTLY where her father is right now. God is soo good and it is soo cool how it all happened.

One more thing I can mark on my prayer journal as being answered :) I love marking those off - I also love sharing them with my children when they are struggling and they don't feel like God is listening. I love praying with my husband over them each night - it sure does strengthen the marriage and gives me a whole new respect for my praying husband.

What is my New Years Resolution? I was going to put down exercising but seeing as how I twisted my leg and knee up today (yeah I know who wears high heeled boots when there is ice in the parking lots only it wasn't the parking lot I slipped on but rather the floor in the Grocery Store! If it weren't for the grocery cart they would have had to holler... CLEAN UP by the front door please).. anyway back to the story - my knee hurts now and I even asked my dear sweet husband to haul the monstrosity of a treadmill to the basement for me so I can enjoy the tv while I exercised. I will lay up for a bit and not exercise as I will have to go back to leading the three year olds in Bible Study Fellowship next week and want to be in tip top shape for their little smiling faces.

So what is my New Years Resolution? To read my bible thru in one year. I figure I can spend so much time watching tv, typing on the blog, or reading a good Sisterchick story that I can use plenty of that time to read my bible. It is so great to read through Genesis and realize that God created the world and because God created it .. IT is Good. We are good too. Granted we are sinful creatures but we are good.. why? Because God created us and he created us so HE could love us. Remember that next time your self esteem takes a nose dive or you are having a bad day. And if you have a bad day or your self esteem takes a nose dive remember that there is someone walking beside you and he just wants you to ask HIM for help.

Oh Isaiah - I love the innocence of youth - "Mom.. do all ladies have to go through the door first?"


Kim said...

That is AWESOME! What a blessing and comfort in a sad situation!

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