Monday, January 08, 2007

Did he learn a lesson?

Monday nights Dwyane, Kristofer, and Allison all go to Bible Study Fellowship. Isaiah and I get some quality time together but not too much as he will be heading to Bible study next week with the rest of the clan. Anyhow, Isaiah is my never ending stomach and was having a piece of Quiche after his bath. He comes over and says "Mom can I ask you a question?". Sure I say. He proceeds to ask me what would happen if he put his drink on his plate of quiche and put it in the microwave. Told him it would boil. What does he do???? You guessed it.. he tried it.. only... I hear a crash.. Isaiah screamed. I went running into the kitchen. The plate had fallen on his toe - nothing broke and nothing bleeding. Meanhile I clean up the mess and groan when I realize that I loaned Dawn the carpet cleaner for her flooded basement and now I have these red splotches on my carpet. I worked quite a bit to see if they come out - sure hope they do. Now the little stinker has turned his back on the couch ready for a siesta - I do believe Connect 4 is out of the question now.

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