Thursday, October 11, 2007

14 Years Old Today

14 years ago we were at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Ohio. Awaiting the birth of our first born son with uncertainty. The Dr came in and checked me and said that I was fully dilated. How could that be? I had no pain, not even a cramp. But yet here I was fully dilated and ready to give birth. I wanted Alex to remain right where he was but the Dr Lolita Rana-Garcia said it was either Alex's life or risk mine. I chose mine but being as I wasn't really of sound mind at the time Dwyane chose to keep me around a bit longer.

That night was rough. The nurse told us that I would have a cramp and just 'pass' him out. Nothing prepared me for the inevitable. Every two hours that sweet man of mine put me on the bed pan and gently washed me up with soap and water and tucked me back in again. When it seemed I was in too much pain or couldn't sleep he would get the nurse and ask for pain and or sleeping meds. The nurse offered to do the bed pan duty but dear Dwyane assured her that he wanted to do it.

Morning came. Dr Rana came in and said it was time. She broke my water and said I had to push. Here I thought I would just have a cramp and pass him out. Nope I had to push the whole 1 pound 2 ounces of Alex out. He came out and kicked one, cried once and that was it. The nurses wrapped him up and gave him to daddy. I remember Dwyane giving him to me to hold but I was under so many meds that he was quickly taken away. I remember letting out a heart wrenching sob at seeing my son and knowing that we wouldn't have much time with him.

Dwyane held him for the hour he was alive. He sang to him and talked to him and told him how much his daddy loved him. Alex took his last breathe and I was still so out of it.

The nurses took Alex away at that point and left Dwyane and I to contemplate what we were going to do. The nurse said that they could 'deal' with him as they did with other young babies who were born too soon. Phone calls were made to family members telling them of Alex's death. My dear Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rita offered some advice. Take your time, you don't have to decide anything right now.

That night my husband sobbed - I had never heard him cry ever and to this day that is the only time I have heard him cry. He just sobbed and sobbed. The next day we made some decisions. We had Alex cremated and we were able to see him one more time at the funeral home. What a little little person he was. At 22 weeks he was fully formed, beautiful in every way.

Alex's body is now in an urn that is in my bedroom. Someday we will bury him but not until Dwyane or I decide to leave this world. At that point he will be buried with us.

Thank you dear Alex for a wonderful pregnancy. For the wonders of what it was like carrying my first born and feeling your kicks. Thank you for teaching your dad and I that life does go on after someone passes. The pain diminishes but the memories stay. The memories of what you would have looked like, what your personality would have been like, whether you would have been a creative soul like your sister, or logical and a thinker like your brother, or just a straight out monkey like your little brother. I can't wait to meet you dear one. Til we meet again, All my love. Mom

Friday, September 07, 2007

My Middle Child

I don't know why God chose me to be his mom but I am sure glad HE did!!

As some of you know and many do not know, Kristofer has Tourette's Syndrome. We discovered it in Kindergarten - or rather I did - his Dr was just baffled when I suggested it. Needless to say we took him to a Pediatric Neurologist that had him diagnosed in 10 min and named more than 5 different tics he had at the time. He is known around our house as simply Kristofer and honestly, Isaiah had no clue that he had Tourette's Syndrome until Kristofer came home the other day.

You see, my baby came home in tears from middle school. It seems that several kids thought his tics were funny. It broke his little heart and he had a really rough night. It did, however, prove how incredibly close my children are. Upon hearing that her brother was teased, big sister Allison, said she would like to give those kids a piece of her mind. No one gets to tease her brother but her and their little brother, Isaiah. They don't even tease him about his tics either - that is just Kristofer.

Kristofer's self esteem plummeted that night he came home in tears and as his mother it hurt. I felt so sad for him and I really couldn't take the pain away and make it go away.. but yano.. God made Kristofer. Kristofer, I just know has great plans for his life. He is my precise kid - he doesn't do anything by the seat of his pants.. it has to be planned... if you tell him in a few minutes he needs to know how many minutes.. just because that is how his brain works. He also has ADHD but despite all that he is just a really bright kid with a huge heart. I think one of his latest tics is saying I love you all the time and I get to be home to hear about 100 times a night how my 11 year old boy loves me ;) I can pretty much guarantee that it won't be like that in 5 years though!

Thursday he called me at work to say he had been accepted into the Accelerated Math class. Would I let him he asked? I sure would as long as he was up to the challenge. He had been saying since middle school started that math was just too easy. The school had to wait for Kristofer's Dakota Step results to reach them before they could place him. What a boost to his self esteem! He called dad who didn't answer his phone to tell him. He tried twice then he called the main desk and had dad paged!

Last night as Kristofer was making a very exact diagram on something (he had to figure out what 8.5/6 was so he could place his line just so) he said to me... Mom I think I have your brains. LOL Mom thank you for the brains LOL How could you now love a kid that thinks his smartness comes from you no matter how incorrect he is? The funny thing is - teachers always said that if you are good in Science then you must be good in Math. Math was always my strong suit - Science was not but then I didn't particularly care for collecting insects and didn't put forth full effort for it. I mean.. ewwwwwwwwwww.. who wants to touch those??? Dwyane on the other hand, is going to school to be a RN... and enjoys anything science, anything history, and doesn't like math.

Allison also qualified for the accelerated classes but says NO she doesn't want to get into it - just way too much homework - and yano.. she has books to read (she is my bookworm) nails to paint, HGTv to watch with mom (yeah I really do watch the educational shows!), volleyball practice to get to, and naps to take. So I guess she is right up there with the average teenage girl :)

Isaiah is in 3rd grade and is still yet just feeling his way. He is going to give me even more grey hair. You know it is bad when I come home and the first thing out of his mouth is NO I didn't break anything today. Oye.... He is all boy - rough and tumble... He loves his new school and his new friends - always a story about them.

Oh this post was about Kristofer wasn't it? Anyway, Kristofer had a really bad day but God blessed his socks off with a really good day this week as well. He is so excited to go into accelerated math. He is already re-writing his schedule and re-doing his binder :) He even was talking about scholarships to college.. ok that is moving way too fast for me.. let's just stick with the 6th grade for right now!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happenings around the home

Hi all -

Happy last days of summer to you :) Tomorrow is Promotion Sunday at church.. I get to see my Sunday School Children again, Pastor Dan and Sarah are back from sabbatical, and there is a lunch so we can catch up with everyone we haven't seen over the summer.

So without further ado - here are random thoughts and happenings around the home:

1)Wow! We celebrated 12 years of marriage on Thursday. It started with D calling me at work telling me to come home cuz he woke up and I wasn't there and he couldn't go back to sleep... Ahhhhhh... I worked til noon and got off. Since our anniversary is on August 16 we pretty much have lost all celebration the last couple of years due to various school open houses that have fallen on our anniversary and since are our kids #1 Fans we just had to attend!

2) Because of #1 we have decided it is rather useless to celebrate in August - afterall - a small fortune goes on school clothes, shoes, hair, pictures and school supplies. So we have decided to celebrate our Half Year Anniversary - Feb 16.

3) D got a new job and I would tell ya but let's just say it isn't safe to publish that on the net so if you are interested in knowing the details then please email me :) Let's just say it is a good job with great benefits and he is quite happy that he gets to set his own schedule. However, there would be no way I could do his job.

4) We haven't gone on any trips this summer. I had most of the summer off and spent it at home since hubs was inbetween job. A trip is soon to be planned to visit my dad and his lovely bride in Minnesota soon. The kids love going there - country life where you hear coyotes at night - whats not to love? :) I am SO looking forward to it!!

5) My babies start school on Monday! Where has the time gone? I will now have a 7th grader, 6th grader, and 3rd grader. The kids are all starting new schools because we have moved to a new school district. Feelings of excitement and nervousness are in the air. I just pray they meet some Christian friends that will be true life long friends. I pray that they will be open and strong in their witness. That their acts will protray what is on the inside of them.

6) My babies also went to camp this year. At least the two older ones. Kristofer had such a lost puppy look on his face that I had a hard time leaving him and prayed for that lost look all week long. I prayed for both kids all week long. Allison and I met up at the end of camp overwhelmed with tears in our eyes saying we missed each other SO much and it was SO true. Kristofer ran full speed ahead as soon as he saw me.. dropped everything and ran. I had to tell him to slow down, afterall, my old body couldn't handle the full contact sport at my age! So he slowed down and I got the hugest hug. He was nicknamed Tofer at camp. He was even asked to the 'bonfire' by a girl but declined cuz he didn't want to get in trouble by us - afterall - he is too young to date. So we had to have the talk where we tell him it is just fine to sit next to a girl, to talk to a girl, it is not ok to disrespect a girl or do anything inappropriate. His big sister went on to tell him about all the girls that thought he was cute and adorable and sweet. What a confident builder for him.

7) #6 was completely important because he said to grandma one day... "Grandma will my Tourette's ever go away" to which grandma had to explain no.... Poor baby then said no one will ever want to marry him :-(

8) We have had some memorable times with Michael and Holly this summer and it has been so fun to see how close our families have gotten. I can't wait to see how God molds our relationships. D continues to act young and play ball with the 20 year younger Michael and now D is actually getting his wind back and winning some games. Me and Holly? We chat a lot - we have awesomely good conversation and take walks whenever it isn't rainy outside.

9) Rhonda in Texas has been my online buddy and kept my butt in gear decluttering the house - the decluttering is all done and now maintenance sets in and that is pretty good too. The kids were in a fit of giggles to hear her southern accent on the answering machine one day.

10) Sunday School starts tomorrow - we have a new set of three year olds except one little girl who we got early last year and will have again this year - Emma - I just can not give that sweet darlin' up. We are preparing for whatever God has in store for us tomorrow cuz we have the Two year old class and the Three year old class. The last time we had the two classes combined we had 18 children.. I told D that early chuch is what is called for because I certainly will be brain dead after trying to teach 18 two-year olds and three-year olds. Let's just say D is not looking forward to the combined class :-( but he is excited to see all the kids again. We have missed them this summer!

Well that is all that is happening in the Family of Five Household. If you happen to visit please leave a comment so I can say 'Hi'. I will put the Tea on and put some fresh cookies in the oven to keep warm for all welcome guests :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

How Long Does It Take

Being the parent of 3 children leaves me in stitches sometimes. I often shake my head at the things they say and chuckle underneath my breath while trying to mold them into societal acceptable creatures.

When Alli was about 5 years old she was meeting a new friend with dh. The friend's mom came out and you can bet what she shared was a little TMI for the lady. I don't think the lady cared to hear about how old dh was (well maybe) and his full name as well as the enlightening fact that he always farts in bed. Yep... open mouth and insert foot only it wasn't her own foot it was her dad's.

Kristofer decided to point out at church one day the aging capabilities of an eldery lady asking her..."How did you get so old?" I am sure he was just itching to know what her secret to life longgeivity is. Folks, I was never so glad that Francis was hard of hearing and said rather loudly, WHAT?!

We had some folks invite us to their home on Sunday for a picnic lunch. Upon retiring to their large deck to sit in the wonderful Cracker Barrell type rocking chair and admiring the gorgeous view they had of the hillside out in the country we were able to converse with a family who are missionaries in the Phillipines. Kristofer piped up with something REALLY important to which our hostess replied with "If you want something to stay secrect in your family you need to talk without little ears around". She caught on quick to the amazing hearing my children have and their desire to tell everyone they hear what they know.

Isaiah is not far behind his big sis and bro. We had extra company for breakfast this morning, my dear friend Holly and her brood. They needed a place to hang til swimming lessons started since her dh had the van. I whipped up some homemade waffles since I figured getting 3 kids and one baby out of the house by 7am is a feat in and of itself that Holly didn't need one more thing to worry about. I was more than happy to oblige with them coming over and thrilled that it gave me the opportunity to bless Holly with breakfast that she didn't have to cook or clean up!

Isaiah decided this is the perfect time. Right after he poured an amazing amount of syrup on his plate he decided to share a REALLY interesting fact folks.

"One time I FARTED for 12 seconds"

Yep - I am sure we all needed to know that information! Holly turned her head and started snickering while I just shook my head. I quickly regained my composure and gave them yet another lesson on appropriate table talk. But what would boys be if they couldn't talk about belches and farts? How would they grow into manhood?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Recap of the Weekend

The weekend was crazy busy but so many blessings. We are settling nicely into the house and are loving it SO Much.

Ok first let me start. We have had so much company here since we moved than we ever did in the other house. I am absolutely loving it!

The weekend started with some dear friends letting us watch their Netflick 'Pursuite of Happiness'. What an AWESOME movie!! The kids all watched it with us while towards the end Isaiah fell asleep. We have had so much quality family time in the new house that it is just so cool. Granted the kids haven't quite fighting but we have gotten closer :)

Saturday morning I ran a few errands and spent the rest of the afternoon doing some cleaning drills with another dear friend Rhonda. We got so much stuff accomplished and my house looked amazingly clean and dh even commented on how shiny the bathroom was.

Saturday evening at 6pm our dear friends came over so Dwyane could help Mike with a app he needed to get done for school. So Mike, Holly, and the kids came over. We had such an awesome time. I was feeling sorry for myself when Holly left before and moved down south.... after I got done feeling sorry for myself I figured I would just pray for a new friend :) Several months after I began to pray one of the gals from church stopped me to tell me Holly was moving back!! And she had a new husband and amazingly the guys have so connected!! The kids have always gotten along wonderfully so that was even more of a bonus. Anyhow, the guys chit chatted and Holly and I like true busy moms wilted around 10pm! The guys talked til midnight which meant ALL 7 kids (ok so the 7 month old baby feel asleep before midnight but still) were all up and wired because of overtiredness. So after they left at midnight that meant eggs to fill up with jelly beans to hide around the house.

Sunday greeted me with singing Jesus is Alive, Jesus is Alive, Praise HIM Praise HIM Jesus is alive. One of the songs we sing with our Sunday School class. How appropriate and wonderful I would just wake up on this glorious day singing that song. 7:15am came way too fast after I went to bed so late. I headed off to nursery by myself so the kids and dh could have that extra hour. Sunday school after that were few in kids. All the kiddos of our dear friends came over to visit us and Holly and Mike popped over with sweet darling Liberty all done up in pink to pick up the other kids. We talked some more. I am SOOOOOO thrilled they moved back and now live in the same town as me and about a half mile away!!

Do you know how many chocolate chip cookies it takes for a couple of guys to get gas? Don't ask how many they ate but they sure can put away several pan fulls of cookies!!!

We came home from church and as I was getting ready to host Easter Dinner we were greeted with a phone call from some other sweet friends of ours. They were praying for a good family to send their dd's bunny too (she was heading off to college) and our children were praying for a bunny! What a fit! They are in our bible study and when we showed up and oohed and aahed over the sweet bunny they asked us if we wanted it? YES!!! We didn't know when we would get the bunny as their dd was heading off to college and I just figured whenever Christine was ready to give up Bugs we would get her. Imagine my surprise and delight when Scott called to ask if we wanted Bugs today!! Christine even gave the cagee a super duper scrub down. Bugs is one pampred bunny sporting her own carrying pouch, a ball to roll around the house in, harness, leash, toys, awesome cage etc. She really is a sweet bunny and the kids were thrilled!! At one point she got out of her cage (one of the kids didn't latch the door tight) and she was hopping through the house with the dog behind her just sniffing. Anyhow, the dog is very entranced with her and has been staring at her since. He is right now lying right in front of her cage. Darn bunny won't come out and play with him! LOL

By the time we got the bunny my sweet grandfather (97 years young this year), uncle, and mom and her boyfriend were there for dinner. Mom is a gem. She works 17 hours a day running her bakery and still pitched in to help but I put my foot down when it came to her washing a dish! No sooner than dinner was done, dessert was settling, and they left then some other dear friends showed up. Carlton was the first black person Dwyane encountered in South Dakota. We showed up at a church several years after that meeting and we have been friends with them since. They are truly just like family. Our chat with them lasted til 9pm. All company is gone now and laundry has been started and the dining room table cleaned off as well as the kitchen cleaned. Whew what a busy weekend but filled with precious time spent with family and friends. We truly are blessed to have such awesome quality people to be around.

I am so excited for this weekend as I am attending a retreat - it goes 6:30-9:00 Friday night and 9:00-12:00 on Saturday. I am spending it with my dear friend Holly and her precious babe Liberty and who knows how many other women. Alli will be off to one of her best friend's slumber parties and Dwyane and Mike are planning a get together with the kids for some more male bonding. Hopefully the bunny will still be in her cage after work tomorrow and Avery will find a new hobby rather than staring at the bunny!

I don't know if I should head to bed to rest my weary bones or touch on some of my bible study first. I think I will head to the bible study and then bed. Going to bed with God is always so much worth it.

Blessings all!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Sit back, Put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee or tea and ENJOY!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

That if you confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9 That is the whole story folks. How would you like to spend eternity? I for one would LOVE and will spend it with my Wonderful creator, God.

One verse that totally stood out to me and made such a beautiful picture and one that I am striving to memorize is: But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. 2Corinthians 2:14. What a beautiful picture of a command that Jesus tell us to do and as we as Christians need to obey. Who do you share the Gospel with?

How beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news Romans 10:15 Another beautiful picture painted with words in the Bible.

I love to share the good news with children. To have a childlike faith again.. that would be something! Life is full of ups and downs. It is the our attitude of how we handle those ups and downs that makes us who we are. I remember a trying time in my life. Those around me commented on how I handled it - I am sure they thought I was nuts and should have handled it much differently. I had such Peace in Christ during that time and he was my source of strength. He knew I was suffering and chose to give me his word, his Holy Spirit and the wisdom of other believers to guide me on my path.

I love reading my Bible. I love hearing God's scripture speak to me and being able to share that scripture with someone else. Nothing makes me more happy than sharing what God is doing in my life and the life of others. God's power and work is so awesome. One of my greatest joys is going to Bible Study Fellowship each week (look for one in your area - they are all over the world - filled with many people of different denominations that all have the same purpose - to study scripture). I love to hear how God is using his word to change the life of others for his Glory. Today we were talking about how beautiful are the feet that share the good news. My Teaching Leader, Carol is truly beautiful. She radiates Christ's love and joy for everyone and everything. Her heart shows her love of Christ and her zeal to get the message out. She gives lecture every Wednesday and I can be guaranteed I will have learned so much as well as have been blesses so much by just listening to her. Her feet are truly beautiful because she spreads the Gospel to a bunch of eager women each week.


On a family note:

Our little boogar sugar (Isaiah) came home from school yesterday with a terrible headache. His fever was 101.4. I HATE seeing my babies sick. Just hate it. He camped out on the couch for the night and I emailed the ladies at Bible Study Fellowship to please pray so I could lead the 3 year olds on Wednesday. Dwyane was so gracious to rearrange his schedule and stay home with Isaiah today. He must be feeling better as he is doing his chore! He will be able to attend the Valentine Day Party tomorrow and he is excited.

The other two are both battling colds. Allison's seems to have settled in her chest while Kristofer's is hanging out in his nose. We have had some early bedtimes with more in the horizon.

On another note - my mom owns a bakery. She has always made the most AWESOME homemade bread. My hormonal preteen girl asked grandma for some cheesecake and she brings up not one or two pieces but an entire box (think 20+ pieces) of cheesecake dipped in chocolate and frozen. That cheesecake didn't last too long around here. Dwyane even fell in love with it and the look on his face was priceless as he ate a slice. But anyway, back to mom, Mom is into organic and has been reading a book that has said that there is so much asthma these days compared to days gone past. That makes grandma concerned as she has one granddaughter who has asthma and a grandson who was on continual nebulizar treatments as a baby. Grandma offered to make us all our bread so we won't have to buy any in the store ever... and it would be one organic item in our diet that would put her mind at rest somewhat. I really would buy organic if they would lower the prices low enough so I could afford to feed a family of five. Anyhow, I am so thankful to MOM for offering to make us lots of bread! I LOVE the smell of homemade bread but I just don't make the time to make it - so many other things to do ya know?!

Anyhow, I am sure it looks like I wrote a book but I wanted to share some scriptures with you. Please disregard any typos or incorrect punctuation or misuse of quotes as my keyboard just started sticking - yeah... I was eating cheesecake while typing (I can hear my dear friend Rhonda in Texas giggling at this telling me that i deserve it after eating cheesecake while i was chatting with her one day).

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for a lady in my bible study. She had a baby girl today and that baby is struggling - heart, lungs and other organs are struggling. Please pray for God's peace for them and a miracle for the wee babe.

Please pray for Dwyane. He takes his state boards in a couple of weeks and I am sure he is feeling quite overwhelmed. Please pray for God's peace and good time management.

Please pray for me that I would be consistent with the children's chore chart (I made a new one this weekend and so far so good) that it will free up time around the house and that time could be spent together learning about God's words and just having some wonderful quality time as a family.

Have a HAPPY Valentine's day.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Living Life

That is exactly what we have been doing... living life. The life that God has chosen for us.. we are wating patiently to see where the Good Lord takes us next.

I have been working on memorizing scripture and one that just popped out to me while we were in church was Colossians 3:23 Work at everything with all your heart as if working for the Lord, not for men. Wow - cleaning up toilets and floors after little boys takes a whole new meaning with that verse. I don't mind housework as long as it doesn't overwhelm me and it hasn't as of late thank you to lots of 'drilling' with my good friend Rhonda online. The boys bathroom gets wiped down daily if not twice a day and wow, what a difference that makes. Dwyane was really confused as to the reason I was whistling the other day while I was cleaning the house! Hard to be discouraged or grumpy when I am working on memorizing that verse. I will have to see what God places in my path next to memorize.

We have joined a small community at Faith and we are going through the Truth Project together (Focus on the Family). D has been feeling restless about things since he is the only black person at church (minus the child that was adopted 7 months ago), and was really wondering what his purpose is at the church - he knows God has one for him.. just hard to be patient sometimes to see what it is. D has been faithful about plugging away and God has blessed him. We have started being part of a fanstasic group of people and the men in the group are part of another group dh meets with on a regular basis. He is feeling much more connected once again and I am beyond thrilled because I absolutely love our church and the kids do as well plus they have grown SO much there.

The kids are all doing well. Today is Superbowl Sunday and Allison watched the whole thing with dad - amazing since she has never watched a game before... I think it was a ploy to get out of cleaning her room! The boys got along fabulously today and watched a movie downstairs while munching on their superbowl snacks. My baby has gained over 16 pounds since last year... where has the time gone? He still looks like a scrawny chicken but he is no longer easy to pick up ::::::::::::::::sigh::::::::::::::::::::: I am realizing that I will no longer have children I will be able to pick up.

Avery has been going stir crazy in this COLD weather. It has been down to a -32 for wind chill and the poor pup doesn't like his feet on that cold of ground. Trips outside have been few and far between and quick. I did try and take him for a walk the other day but he was so clearly not enjoying it that we came back home. Hopefully he can get out next week for one of his long extended walks. His doggie doo doo dance takes on a whole new show when it is so cold outside!

I have been reading a book that I would like to recommend for all those mom's out there who have a hard time taking the time to do something extra special for themselves. It is called: Taking Care of the 'Me' in Mommy by Lisa Whechel. Go to: and you will find her website and the wonderful book that she has out. I got the book from the library but I am sure I will be ordering it for a few friends who I feel could use a pick me up becasue they are such hard workin' moms who unfortunately have a tendency to put themselves last just like I do. Thus the reason I am memorizing scripture.

This week puts Isaiah as the VIP in his class as well as conferences for all three kids. Should be another busy week. Friday ends the work week with our Faith Community group that we are so looking forward to going to. Scott and Becky have a fireplace in the family room where it is held and I just want to get a blanket and call it a night when I get down there :) What a warm, welcoming place. We are truly blessed to be meeting with such a awesome group of people.

Have a BLESSED week Everyone.

A HUGE hello and hug to my sweet dear Mother In Law who hopefully will make it over here to read the blog. We all love you and miss you tons!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Peaceful Bliss

Do you hear that?

Come closer....

Do you hear it yet??

Ahhhh it is the sound of EVERYone gone in the house but me and Avery. The kids didn't understand why I was smiling when they left LOL Dwyane knew but the kids were clueless.

All my children took off with their father to go to Bible Study Fellowship. Isaiah grew up in BSF as a preschooler and he loved it so. The only sound is the hum of the dishwasher.

So what am I doing?

Calling my daddy for starters. His birthday is today. He lives about 4 hours away from me on 12 acres of land that most is wooded. It is so beaufitul where he lives and it is just so relaxing when we are there to sit outside and listen to the sounds that God created. Dwyane wasn't too impressed when he woke in the middle of the night to coyotes once. Needless to say he freaked a tad and woke me up asking me if I hear it... told him it was just the coyotes .. go back to bed. Like that made him want to sleep LOL

It is quite a sight to wake up to half a dozen wild turkeys in the backyard or a few deer. Mama racoons with babies have even been spotted in the backyard. What a beautiful piece of land they live on. I keep telling Dwyane I want to move there someday but I do believe South Dakota is home for him now so we won't be moving anytime soon.

It is time for me to finish up the blog and finish preparing my lesson for my three year olds for Bible Study Fellowship. I am on my own for the next month or so as my Co-Leader had some surgery and if you could say a prayer for her. She had the reflux surgery years ago but it popped open when she was sick and vomiting about a month ago. She had surgery again on Thursday and one of my fellow people in BSF went to check on her and she couldn't make it to the car so the ambulance was called :-( She can't keep anything down - not even water, she is nauseous and dizzy :-( So if y'all could say a prayer for Laurie I sure would appreciate it.

Oh - we finally got a shovel!! After the first snowfall dh took the lazy way out and packed the snow down with his Durango so I could get up and down the driveway... then it snowed some more so he finally got some shovels. Did he learn his lesson? You bet!! It was a pain in the tushie to shovel the packed down stuff on top of the snow that just fell! LOL Men... sometimes you just gotta laugh!

I also might have some rather large news for our family by the end of this week (and no.. nobody is expecting)... so stay tuned......

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We have SNOW!!

We have snow! We are supposed to get 3-6 inches tonight. Isaiah has already been outside three times. He LOVES the outside (just like his Uncle Bryce and his Grandpa Bob) and could spend the entire day playing in the snow.

While it is really pretty out... I have an UH OH to report. Dwyane looks over at me as Kristofer went to check the snow to see how much we got already and says.... We DON'T have a shovel! WHAT?!! Oyee............ You see.. the shovel broke at the end of the season last year and D threw it away and well.. we don't have one! We forgot about it. Good thing he has 4-Wheel drive and can drive me to work tomorrow. It sucks to have two separate driveways somedays... means we have double the area to shovel but if it gets too bad we will just call the nursing home across the street and the guys will come plow both driveways for us.

Not much going on around here other than snow. Been a quiet weekend.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Did he learn a lesson?

Monday nights Dwyane, Kristofer, and Allison all go to Bible Study Fellowship. Isaiah and I get some quality time together but not too much as he will be heading to Bible study next week with the rest of the clan. Anyhow, Isaiah is my never ending stomach and was having a piece of Quiche after his bath. He comes over and says "Mom can I ask you a question?". Sure I say. He proceeds to ask me what would happen if he put his drink on his plate of quiche and put it in the microwave. Told him it would boil. What does he do???? You guessed it.. he tried it.. only... I hear a crash.. Isaiah screamed. I went running into the kitchen. The plate had fallen on his toe - nothing broke and nothing bleeding. Meanhile I clean up the mess and groan when I realize that I loaned Dawn the carpet cleaner for her flooded basement and now I have these red splotches on my carpet. I worked quite a bit to see if they come out - sure hope they do. Now the little stinker has turned his back on the couch ready for a siesta - I do believe Connect 4 is out of the question now.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Men and Bubble Baths?

Who says bubble baths aren't the cureall for everything? I remember back in the day I had a bubble bath, candlelight, pj's and slippers waiting for me when I got home from work as well as a Steak dinner in the kitchen... well that was before kids.

Flash forward to yesterday and I got a call from D at work saying he needed to hear a voice. Uh oh.. you see.. Dwyane is a Chemical Abuse Counseler and is running the Meth program that was just started so he has some challenges. His voice just didn't sound right to me and he said he had such a bad headache.

I got home and asked him to call me right as he left - I had the Lasagna in the oven and prepared him a bubble bath complete with candles, pj's, a litte snack (figured he was too busy to have lunch which was true) and something to drink (lemondade). He came home and walked into the bathroom and a huge sigh.... "This looks SO good" He soaked all his cares away and perked right up.

So Ladies - if your men have a bad day - treat them to a bubble bath :) Normally, Dwyane will NOT get in a bath at all as he prefers the 'manly' showers but he sure did appreciate it last night.

Now he is cooking us all omelets, sausage, potatoes, and grits for breakfast.

Friday, January 05, 2007

I can't believe it!!

My puppy turned two in December and last night at 9:30 he chose to start retrieving a ball and bringing it back looking for us to toss it again. I was not in the mood that late at night and we were in the house but I was so thrilled that he finally learned to do it that I obliged him. Today we will test him with the thrower outside.

It all started with Bear. Bear is a black lab/retriever mix and is just one of the most wonderful well mannered dog I have ever met. Bear belongs to my dad and his wife. Anyway, the kids love going to see Bear and throwing the ball for Bear. Bear treats that ball like a security blanket and lovingly picks it up again careful not to chew on it... my dog?.. well when we wanted to take a break in playing with him.. notice it was the adults that wanted the break.. he hopped up on the couch and all you could hear was him trying to rip the ball apart. Anyway, the kids really love playing with Bear and throwing the ball for him and Bear, bless his heart, despite his bad arthritis always plays with my children. I thought for sure when Jean and Bear came for a visit last that Avery would finally learn how to cath that ball. So we get the thrower and toss it out and there goes Bear running right to it and there goes Avery.. running right PAST it.

I am just so tickled that he will finally be able to get some good exercise without expecting us to come along beside him and run!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

God is SO Cool!

I am so glad he is MY God!! My dear Friend Dawn came over tonight (she is the one whose father passed away), and I had the best time just sitting and talking with her. She has such an infectious laugh and I love listening to her laugh. We shared Tea together - one of weak points - I LOVE TEA - doesn't matter what kind - well some kinds I don't but I love HOT tea. Anyhow.. how can you not love a gal who commented that the tea was good :) She is a coffee drinker but she also drinks tea - wahoo!! I love sharing tea with friends :)

Anyhow, she shared with me that her husband and oldest daughter both came to Christ.. not only that but they came on the same day that her father who lives in Chicago came to Christ too. How awesome is that that she knows EXACTLY where her father is right now. God is soo good and it is soo cool how it all happened.

One more thing I can mark on my prayer journal as being answered :) I love marking those off - I also love sharing them with my children when they are struggling and they don't feel like God is listening. I love praying with my husband over them each night - it sure does strengthen the marriage and gives me a whole new respect for my praying husband.

What is my New Years Resolution? I was going to put down exercising but seeing as how I twisted my leg and knee up today (yeah I know who wears high heeled boots when there is ice in the parking lots only it wasn't the parking lot I slipped on but rather the floor in the Grocery Store! If it weren't for the grocery cart they would have had to holler... CLEAN UP by the front door please).. anyway back to the story - my knee hurts now and I even asked my dear sweet husband to haul the monstrosity of a treadmill to the basement for me so I can enjoy the tv while I exercised. I will lay up for a bit and not exercise as I will have to go back to leading the three year olds in Bible Study Fellowship next week and want to be in tip top shape for their little smiling faces.

So what is my New Years Resolution? To read my bible thru in one year. I figure I can spend so much time watching tv, typing on the blog, or reading a good Sisterchick story that I can use plenty of that time to read my bible. It is so great to read through Genesis and realize that God created the world and because God created it .. IT is Good. We are good too. Granted we are sinful creatures but we are good.. why? Because God created us and he created us so HE could love us. Remember that next time your self esteem takes a nose dive or you are having a bad day. And if you have a bad day or your self esteem takes a nose dive remember that there is someone walking beside you and he just wants you to ask HIM for help.

Oh Isaiah - I love the innocence of youth - "Mom.. do all ladies have to go through the door first?"