Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wow, What a day already!

So many things to process. First was Church. It was Pastor Neal's last service in that church. We have 5 pastors in the church and Pastor Neal was the Pastor of prayer and discipleship. When he came he started the Ezra 5 Team which is a group of trained individuals that counsel and pray with others. Pastor Neal has answered the Lord's calling and going to Custer South Dakota to plant a church. Meanwhile, last week his wife of 35 years was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully it is a stage zero and she has surgery on Tuesday but in the meantime we will still be praying for them.

It was sad to see Pastor Neal give his sermon. It was a great one as usual but so emotional knowing it was his last one. I think I cried throughout the last half of it. He is such a wonderful God loving man who has taught my family so much. Dwyane and I are both sad to see him go but we do know that he is following God's will. Now he can go out and bless others and not just us at Faith.

Meanwhile at church while I am processing the fact that Neal and Debbie are really leaving ... Isaiah asked Jesus into his heart. He asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. WOW! What a blessing it is to be his mom. Dwyane was grinning from ear to ear when Isaiah told him.

As we were walking out of Church, a lady stopped me with a large smile on her face saying HI! I looked at her confusingly I am sure - she laughed at the look on my face. It was Sheila! The Sheila who I had the honor with of seeing her bring one of her daughters into this world. The Sheila who used to live right down the street from me once a upon a time. She moved to Germany and then who knew since then and has been in Sioux Falls for three and a half years. We lost contact when she went to Germany and now of all places we find each other again in CHURCH! God is so good :) I guess I expected her girls to be the same age as they were the last time I saw her - 6 years ago. The baby that I saw delivered into this world is now 7!! Her other daughter who Allison prayed for so many times is now 11 and doesn't remember Allison! LOL Allison prayed for Jordan's safety so many times and she was able to see that prayer come true and tell her friend how often she was prayed for. Her oldest daughter Jessie is now 15 and looking like a YOUNG LADY. Wow I feel old. And to top that off she had another baby..... Evelyn is almost 2.. and then...... she has a surprise - another bun in the oven. It was so AWESOME to see her again. We exchanged phone numbers with the promise we would catch up soon.

It was almost like seeing a season end and another one starting - all before I left church. While I am so sad to see Pastor Neal leave I had the pleasure of seeing my son come to Christ and a long lost friend come back into my life. Yeah God! While one door closes in life another one surely does open.

Blessings to all and Happy New Year to everyone!

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Kim said...

Wow! You have had the neatest things happen to you lately! :-)