Friday, December 15, 2006

What a man :)

I come home from work and my house is all nice and clean :) I commented on how clean it was and D said.. "all you need to do tonight is take a warm bath, put your feet up and watch one of your girlie shows'. YEAH!! Granted.. HE is going out to a work Christmas party and gets dinner out (hey the kids and I are getitng take out so no cooking for me) and won't be home til later but I love having the house clean when I come home. What a guy :)

Ok - I LOVE to watch the Hallmark Channel this time of year. I love ALL their Christmas movies. D rolls his eyes at me EVERY year because of my chick flick affection :) Well ... he is in denial for he watches them WITH me and ENJOYS them despite the eye rolling. Allison gave him so much crap last night becasue he had his head faced towards the computer and his eyes were on the tv watching. We even caught him snickering! Busted! Yeah he complains about my chick flicks but he enjoys them just as I do :) He does have a completely soft side - he used to tear up when Touched By An Angel would be on - that used to be OUR show.

Anyhow - I am off to get the kids something to eat so I can come home and take my bubble bath with my Sweet Pea Bath Gel from Bath and Body Works and then put my feet up and relax.

Enjoy the wonderful Friday evening!

As soon as we locate the battery charger for the digital camera I will take more pics. We have a suspicion it is 'lost' in Kristofer's bedroom but we are waiting for him to head to a friend's house for a sleepover on Saturday night so we can investigate.

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