Sunday, December 17, 2006

Somebody Stop Me...

One of the gifts we got from our little Sunday School girls is SOOOOOOO yummy. It is like a fudge/candy type thing with crushed peppermints in it and then we have chocolate sauce for dipping. D just had to give me a taste of it. I am really going to have to get that recipe - it is SOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. I love mint and chocolate.

Another quiet Sunday here and I am watching yet another Christmas movie - this is the one where Santa's daughter goes to help a widower and his family - widower played by John Dye formally the Angel of Death on Touched By An Angel. Last night D actually turned to a movie and watched it... oh yeah.... a chick flick - it was rather quite good. Maybe he will give up those violent movies he likes to watch yet? I really am disgusted by some of the movies they show on tv. Remember the days when we were young and you wouldn't hear a cuss word nor see a PG-13 movie on tv? They were all family friendly. What happened to those days? The only time you can see many of those movies is around Christmas time.

Kristofer came back from a sleepover this morning. I think it is odd to have one on Satuday but it was for one of his best friends. He had 6 and a half hours of sleep and I just sent him downstairs for a good long nap. He is cranky... constantly pestering his brother and sister - he needs a nap!

I have one more week of work before I am off work for a week. YEAH :) I haven't had a week off of work since 2004!!! We aren't planning on doing anything but hanging around the house and just enjoying being together. D asked for that week off as well as he has 120 hours of vacation time to use up.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!

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Marlene said...

We do sleepovers usually on Friday, but soemtimes a Saturday. Mostly because we go to church on Sunday night so there's no pressure to be home Sunday morning.