Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is it the Weekend yet??

What a night! I guess it all started with my headache that I have had since this afternoon. I came home to fix dinner and make two double batches of brownies. Wouldn't you know it - I missed doubling the butter in one pan but did catch it at the last minute so that was A-ok. However, when I took the fabulously smelling brownies out of the oven it slipped out of my hand but I caught it in time for my huge hot pad to make a dent in it. It is still ok though since one pan was at home and the other was going to be split up between Allison's Middle School Christmas Party and lunch at Bible Study Fellowship for the girls tomorrow.

Ok - headache still there and kitchen a wreck. Isaiah calls me from the bathroom - he ran out of hot water. I didn't think anything of it since he was in the shower upstairs and Kristofer was in the shower downstairs and the dishwasher just finished. That was at 7:45. It is now 9:15 and I still don't have any hot water and I have dishes to wash and I really would like to take a shower tomorrow morning.. grrrr...

Ok so then I get a phone call... my BIL Tito from Ohio. I sure do miss those BIL's of mine - they really are the best inlaws - even my mother in law and father in law :) Anyhow... T calls and says that their cousin (more like a nephew because he is so much younger than us) was robbed at gun point. Whoever it was broke into D's grandma's (nicest sweetest lady) house and took all the cousins money. Grandma went to sleep at one of her daughters for a few days. This is going to bug D to no end since we live up here and there isn't much he can do but pray from up here.

Anyhow - one last bit of news for my night - Alli and Isaiah's heat doesn't work on that side of the house - this will be the third time this winter it has happened... another grrr..

Well D just came home so gotta go break the news to him.


Marlene said...

Oh Angie, what a night! I hope things get better soon!

Tina said...

Oh wow. I hope things pick up soon, the hot water and heater start working soon and prayers for your family!!! Hang in there!

Kim said...

That's awful!!!
Do you ever just feel like you will collapse from exhaustion??? You are SO busy!!