Saturday, December 09, 2006

I should probably introduce myself first don't ya think?

I am Angie - mom to three great kids: Alli (6th grade), Kris (5th grade), and Zaih(2nd grade). Married to the love of my life Dwyane. We have one baby of a puppy, Avery. Avery is a chocoalte lab (deep brown color) and just turned 2 years old last Thursday. We are currently residing in South Dakota.

The kids are keeping us busy this weekend. This is the weekend of the church Christmas Program. Kristofer is the stage manager this year and is very excited. Today is going to be spent be booping them between church and home. Right now the boys are at church for practice and then the program will be this afternoon as well as tomorrow afternoon.

Alli is spending this time catching up on her favorite cartoons while our youngest baby, Avery the 80lb chocolate lab, occasionally joins her in the recliner. Who knew that such a huge dog would love to be a lap dog?

I am busy getting laundry going and the house cleaned up. It is amazing how much stuff you accummulate around the house when you aren't diligent for one day to put it all away before you head to bed. Never fear it will get done as it irritates me to no end to see clutter. The sink is nicely soaking in bleach so that should be nice and shiny and the counters all got bleached. Now on to the dining room table but I must first complete my bible study before it gets completely cleaned off.

It is a GORGEOUS day here in South Dakota. Hardly a breeze and it is supposed to be 53 degrees outside - the perfect weather to go on lots of walks with the dog. Hopefully the kids will get outside today and enjoy it too.

Well I am off to switch laundry around. Dwyane upgraded me from my old washer and dryer and while it was relatively new I returned it to get an upgrade because it wasn't draining right and we already had the bearings replaced on the dryer and it wasn't 6 months old. Thank God for warranties :) The new set is still a front loader but it has controls for multiple water temps and dryer temps. I love all the new bells and whistles and it allows me to get laundry caught up in now time. Plus I only have to use a half of a cap of HE laundry detergent due to the water softener. Gotta love saving anywhere we can! Kids don't come cheap!

More to post later. Maybe next weekend when life isn't so busy I will take time and figure out how to change the design. There are many pretty blogs out there and I would love to change the colors but alas.. life is too busy right now and other things must be first before I figure out how to change the design.

Til then, welcome to my first ever blog. Hopefully it will give friends as well as family a chance to keep updated on our lives.


Kim said...

Yeah Angie! The best way is to jump in with both feet! I'm the first commenter! YEAH ME! We have our Chrismas Program tomorrow night and JD is one of the narrators so he is excited!

Marlene said...

Hi Angie! How fun to see your blog!

Angie said...

Kim and Marlene - thanks so much for joining me over here :) We shall see how the blogging goes. Kristofer is a Narrator as well.

Tina said...

if you do it regularly, blogging becomes addictive! And in a good way! lol...

Carla & Marty said...

Love the blog, Angie!!!! Welcome to the club!