Saturday, December 09, 2006

Confession Time

I have an anal husband. While he is not anal about all things he is anal about some things and I am sure I will hear about it should he read this blog LOL I do love him dearly but the rug has to be lined up just right on the floor, his clothes hung up just right in his closet, he loves a picture perfect house in terms of cleanliness which he doens't get with three kids around, he has to have a clean car, etc. One thing I have admired about him is his closet. His clothes are arranged so that his suits hang together, his pants, shirts, etc. My clothes are just hung up - it didn't matter where they were hung - just as long as they were hung. Well today I did it. My closet matches his :) I even purged 25 articles of clothing... flylady would be proud :) Now on to the carpet which is another thing he is anal about - he would love for it to be vacuumed everyday and since we have missed a few days it is time to vacuum.

I kind of am enjoying this blog thing!

Oh a funny - when I picked up the kids from choir practice Isaiah says "Mom when we have practice for two hours my legs get sore" he is now 'resting' watching a movie. I hate to see the child with a job!!

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Kim said...

Impressive! Now come do mine! D would have a perfect house too... if it wasn't for the 7 of us! :-) But he wouldn't be happy!